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Window Cleaning Tips

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Counting your Windows

A window pane is any piece of glass with a frame around it.

The picture on the right shows casement windows that slide up and down, some may slide side to side. Even though this is one large window, what needs to be counted are the panes, or framed pieces of glass. There are a total of 5 here.

Many windows like the ones in the top picture have dividers in-between the panes to give it a classic French pane look. These are not French though and should be counted as one whole pane.

French windows will have the dividers on the outside of the glass actually dividing the outside surface of the glass into many smaller segments and required a different bidding process.

There are twelve window panes in the bottom picture. We hope this guide helps you to know how many windows we will clean.

Window Cleaning Tips

In this window cleaning video, Window King Owner Mark Risius shows us some techniques, using the proper tools, that leave your windows clean and streak free.

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